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ART by Karina Perez, Jacqueline Peralta, Marie Hernandez

The art students in Ms. Sanchez's  class do many kinds of activities. Ms. Sanchez, the art teacher, said, “I enjoy art and I think it’s a great way to express yourself.”

Lisbeth Marron, 8th grade, said she started taking art class around the age 9. The students have learned many different kinds of art. “We painted the Simpsons,” said Marron. She also said that they learned how to make umbra, tone, and self-portraits. She added that they have learned about Pablo Picasso, picture tone, color, and shading.

“I’ve always loved to draw when I was younger,” said Karyme Mendes, 7th grader. She also responded that she “likes to draw anywhere.” She draws at home and draws on the computer. Mendes said that the class has done self-portraits and mixing colors.

Another student, Jacqueline Gonzalez, 8th grader, said she draws around her house. She also said that the class has done self-portraits, painting, toning, shading, and texture.  

Art students had good things to say about this class. All of them had their own point of view on the things they learn. They seem to enjoy this class and Ms. Sanchez's sounds like an amazing teacher!



BAND by Brenda Perez, Mark Belisle, Jairo Mora, and Michelle Reyes

Mr. Provino has two band classes, beginning and advanced. Students in band play their instruments.  Students in advanced band go on trips, like they recently did when they went to the LA County Fair. Students in beginning band learn how to play their instruments. People in advanced band practice their instruments for performances.

Mr. Provino makes sure his students know what is expected of them.

Zoey Penaloza, a 7th grade student in beginning band, usually practices her flute outside of the band room after school.

Samantha Valenzuela, an 8th grade clarinetist in advanced band, likes to show off her skills in front of the cafeteria.

Brian Helguera, another 7th grade student in beginning band, said, “The flute is easy because I’ve played it in 5th grade in elementary school.”

Daniela Leon and Iviannah Beltran, 7th graders, both enjoy band because of the friendships they have in the class.

Zoey Penaloza, Ana Perez, Melissa Perez, Brian Helguera, Daniela Leon, Iviannahh Beltran, and Samantha Valenzuela all enjoy band.  They all liked their instruments, they all liked their teacher, and they all hoped to be in band next year.



ELD by Joselin Gomez, Lizet Bravo, and Alissa Mendoza

English Language Development (ELD) is a class in which students learn how to speak, hear, talk, and learn English. The students in the class all seem very happy about learning English.

Anthony Ruiz (7th) said, ‘’I like ELD because I learn how to speak English better.”

 Chantel Flores (7th) likes ELD because she learns more English and learns how to speak it better, but said ‘’I will like to take Journalism next year.”

Oscar Zamora (8th) said he likes ELD because he thinks they do fun and entertaining activities.


Forensic Science

FORENSIC SCIENCE by Citlaly Lopez, Arely Juarez, and Lizbeth Rodriguez

For the first year in Sierra Vista Middle School history, we have a Forensic Science class.

Forensic science is basic criminal investigation where people learn how to use criminology skills , such as a hair strand, a piece of clothes fiber, or a finger print.

In this elective, the students watch videos about Forensic Science, where they first watch how professionals do their jobs in criminal investigation, and then they do activities related to the video. The activities that they do are labs, questions, and games. For example, one of the labs they do is called blood splatter. The lab helps them determine a blood type. After they are done with the experiment, they answer some questions using the scientific method.

Another activity include fun investigations and mock crime scenes that are related to what they previously learned in class. For example, one of the games that they play is science word searches where they have scientific vocabulary. This helps them talk and write in a scientific manner. This does not mean they do the labs, questions, and games every day. Like Genaveve Portillo (7th) said, “We do something new every day.”


MAKERSPACE by Isaac Molinar, Kevin Solis, and Angel Carrillo

Makerspace is an elective where kids learn to make robots and program games. Mr. Blanchard has been teaching this elective to students for several  years at an advanced level. According to Mr. Yamasaki, district STEAM TOSA,, other schools have tried to have this program but have not reached the advanced level Sierra Vista is at. Mr. Blanchard has many goals for this the class this year, including making stuff that works and having an end of the year carnival.

Oscar Luna is an 8th grader said, “This elective is all about programing and lots of projects.” When asked about his favorite project, Luna said, “I think my favorite project this year is the LED art project we did at the beginning of the year.”

 Many kids in this class have set up motivational goals. “I want to maintain a good grade,” said Luna.

Raphael Pereda is an 8th grader who is in Mr. Yamasaki’s Makerspace class. He said, “We have a lot of freedom and independence in this class.” His favorite project was the LED art project, as was his fellow classmate Oscar’s. Pereda said, “I think he [Mr. Blanchard] is a great teacher and he looks like he knows ally about what he’s doing.”     


Study Skills

STUDY SKILLS by Miriam Simental, Madeline Kalta, and Diego Arias

In Study Skills, two classes led by Mrs. Ybarra and Mr. Adams, students learn about everything, from social studies, math, and ELA.  On October 10, 2016, they were learning daily math and respect.

Most students do not choose this elective; it helps them improve their grades. Felix Vargas, 8th grade, said, “My grades made me chose this elective.”

The class asks questions and listens to what the teacher has to say. Jasmine Perez, 7th grade, said her favorite part of Study Skills is communicating in a group.

According to Jeffrey Alvarez, 7th grade, in Mrs. Ybarra’s class, “Our classroom is lit.”

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