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8th Grade Activities

Promotion Stage

Promotion Ceremony Information

  • Ceremony and parking are on the west field
  • Parents with visual obstructions must sit in the last rows
  • Promotion certificates will be given on the last day of school
  • Parents may sign out their children only if they have filled out the waiver/permission slip one week prior 

Criteria for Ceremony Participation

Student must have:

  • grades of D or higher in both language arts and math
  •  no more than two failing grades in other content-area classes

Ceremony dress code


  • Age-appropriate dress, skirt or pants and blouse (dress/skirt hemline is no more than 3 inches above the knee)
  • Light makeup that is appropriate for the daytime
  • Flats or shoes with low heels
  • Shoulders covered (sweater or shawl is ok)


  • Dress shirt
  • Appropriate tie (optional)
  • Pants/slacks (no jeans)




8th Grade Knott's Trip Info

  • Students must arrive at school by 7:50 am
  • Students will depart at 9:00 am
  • Cost of the trip includes Knott's ticket and cost of the bus
  • Food and merchandise are not included

Criteria for Knott's Trip Participation

Student must:

  • meet the criteria for participation in 8th grade promotion ceremony
  • complete 5 hours of community service
  • not have any outstanding fines or library fees
  • have a signed parent permission slip
  • have paid for cost of ticket and bus
  • have citizenship grade of C or better 

Knott's Trip Dress Code

  • Follow school dress code during the entire trip
  • No bags or purses allowed
  • Shirts must have a collar or Sierra Vista logo