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Principal's Message

The Principal’s Message

Welcome to Sierra Vista Middle School!

Sierra Vista is a learning community committed to excellence in academics and creating a strong foundation for high school and beyond.  We pride ourselves on having a welcoming and stimulating environment, with high expectations where students develop a strong work ethic and sense of responsibility. 

We strive to provide all our students with the tools and motivation to excel academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.  This includes opportunities to enrich the whole child in music, art, technology, drama, and STEAM, and the community.  Together, we work as partners to ensure our students reach their fullest potential. 

Through a student focused service model and processes centered on Mentoring, Monitoring, and Motivating, students become:

  1. Independent thinkers
  2. Confident in their abilities and potential
  3. Develop strong content knowledge and skills
  4. Use technology and media with fluency
  5. Understand and appreciate multiple perspectives and cultures
  6. Develop a sense of self control and self discipline

Sierra Vista is a place where all are welcome and every student is expected to Be Kind, Work Hard, and Be Safe!

E Pluribus Unum - Out of Many, One!


Ms. Carrera